Thursday, August 14, 2008

Parks Focus Group Completed; Goals & Objectives Being Developed

A very solid turnout last night at Town Hall for the Parks and Open Space focus group - thanks to all for coming and sharing your insight and comments. This was the last of our "input" sessions per se; we'll now start developing the Plan itself. The first step in this process is formalizing the primary goals and objectives of the Plan. This actually is a pretty involved and extremely important step - consider that there are 10 elements to our Plan and each has specific goals and objectives and you'll see that there will likely be dozens! We're targeting the September 10 Plan Commission Meeting for a public review and discussion of the draft goals & objectives, so PLEASE mark your calendars and help us out with this review and discussion. Our intention in developing the draft is to accurately represent the Town's values, vision, and priorities. With that said, it is critical that the community (citizens as well as elected/appointed officials) review the draft and comment/recommend changes where necessary. Keep your eye on this page for the draft goals and objectives as they develop, and remember: Wednesday, September 10 @ 4:15pm, Town Hall!

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