Friday, August 22, 2008

Draft Goals and Objectives On-Line Now

We've completed a first draft of the Town's Goals and Objectives for the Smart Growth Plan, and they can be viewed here. The Goals and Objectives for the Town’s plan form its backbone. I really must stress that this stage of the planning process is perhaps the most important. In simplest terms, the goals and objectives that we agree on will serve as my “checklist” as we develop the plan maps, text, and recommendations. They will guide the rest of the process from here on out, so it is very important that we’re touching on the right points and in a manner that is consistent with the Town’s vision. The effectiveness and usability of the Plan in the future is greatly influenced by how appropriate and comprehensive the goals are, so my hope is that we’ve accomplished this and I count on you all to confirm or correct that.

The Plan Commission will meet on September 10 @ 4:15, Town Hall and a discussion on the Goals and Objectives will be a part of their agenda (be advised, they will likely have additional official business so please come prepared and stay on point). Or, if you have comments or suggestions and can't make the meeting, you can always submit comments in writing to:
Beloit Town Hall
c/o Smart Growth Plan
2871 Afton Road
Beloit, WI 53511

or via e-mail ( or

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